Friday, December 14, 2012

blog hiatus

Wow!!!  Has it really been almost 2 months since I've posted??  Crazy how time passes.  Unlike other times when I haven't posted, this time I'm doing very well.  This time of year my work load increases, as do family responsibilities.  Not to mention the ever expanding to do list during the holidays.

Life has been crazy, but I'm grateful to say that my eating hasn't!  I've been actively participating in my eating disorder support group, and I've gotten such wonderful help from others who struggle with the same food issues as I do.  God is good!

I'm looking forward to this weekend - I have some surprises in store for my husband.  His 40th birthday is next week.  Hard to believe.  I've known him since he was 16.  Again - crazy how time passes.


  1. I am happy to read that you are doing well Melanie - i am always happy to receive a comment from you :)
    Are you still in the support group ?

  2. Hi Lorena - I'm sad to say that since my last post things have gone downhill. I'm in the process of reevaluating a lot of things, the support group being one of them. I'm hanging in there, though. I'm grateful for so many blessings that I have, and I continually remind myself that my weight/food issues don't define me. Thanks for checking in - that means a lot to me. You're always so kind and encouraging.

  3. Please come back and give us an update!!!! I really miss your blog!

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