Sunday, July 22, 2012

2 small goals

I'm continuing to follow Diane's suggestion (see her comment to my 7/17/12 post) to make several small goals.  Her recommendation was three, but I'm going with two.  I want to have two reasonable solid goals that will take a bit of work, but aren't currently unrealistic for me.

Confession time.  As I was considering my goals, I thought of several that I knew I could handle with very little effort.  Eat a healthy breakfast every day for x number of days.  Eat a healthy lunch every day for x number of days.  With very few exceptions, I've been doing this.  If I set a goal this easy, I'm only cheating myself.

Goal #1: no binge eating/overeating from 7/23/12 to 8/10/12.  Why these dates?  I'm beginning tomorrow because I'd be lying if I said that today didn't include some amount of overeating.  August 10 is the day prior to my son's first body building competition.  I'm ashamed and embarrassed of the weight I've recently gained, and that he'll have an overweight mom at this event.  The very least I can do is go with a clear conscience that I'm making healthier choices and turning things around.

Goal #2: exercise at least twice a week from 7/23/12 to 8/10/12.  I'm staying with the same dates since it just makes sense to me to do so.  There was a time that I did some form of exercise 6-7 days a week.  Lately, the number has been 0.  Twice a week is attainable.

I'll keep you posted regarding my progress.  Any encouragement is welcome!!

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