Monday, March 5, 2012

pizza after your workout?

I heard something at work today that astounded me.  A local gym offers free pizza on the first Monday of every month.  No.  I'm not kidding.  Are you as astonished by the irony of this as I am?  That offer makes no sense to me at all.  Why would an establishment that is encouraging good health offer something like that?  Is it to ensure that the members stay - either because they like the free pizza or because they eat the pizza then need to work out more?

Why not offer a free massage, free bottled water, free protein shakes (yes, I know they're not all healthy)?

What surprised me almost as much as the free pizza offer was other people's reaction when this was mentioned.  As I was lifting my jaw up off the floor, I heard comments like "that's cool" and "wow!".  When I began expressing my dismay, the response was "well, you don't have to eat it if you don't want to" or "you could probably choose a veggie pizza".  The person that was sharing this lovely tidbit of news said that the pizza was from a chain that is right beside the gym, and to my knowledge it doesn't have a single healthy option.  (Yet another irony....this gym is located in a mall right beside the food court!).

Am I overreacting or is this crazy?


  1. Doctors once gave kids a lollipop after a visit - and the joke was that doctors get a kickback from dentists. Perhaps the owner or manager of the gym does a barter for the pizza or owns the place. LOL

    I am not surprised by non-food addicts responding with a 'hey if it bothers you, just don't eat it' but as a food addict, I'd annoyed I was not getting something I was entitled to have for free for being there, that everyone else got - unless they gave me something I could have that was not pizza - like a water bottle, etc. As as addict I might take the pizza. That is called cutting off your nose to spite your face, right?

  2. uh WOW.

    Ive never heard of anything like that.

    EVER :)

  3. I totally agree with you - it makes no sense at all !
    Now, there is this gym I have gone by several times that amazes me because it has an ice cream parlor right next to the entrance.... which makes no sense either. It's almost like fighting for peace.