Thursday, April 26, 2012

weakness or strength?

Today was my first day without sugar for quite a while.  I've experienced the expected cravings, which resulted in a meltdown this afternoon.

I left my debit card, credit card and cash at home.  Even further, I asked my son to hide them so I wouldn't even know where they are.  No money = no sugar.  However, I needed to go by the drugstore today to pick up a prescription for my son.  He knows that I've been bingeing on junk food again, so last night he offered to go to the store with me.

As I was driving home from work, and having terrible cravings for all kinds of sugary carbs I began wondering if my son would follow through with going with me to the store.  I began to think about what I would buy if he didn't go with me.  Then I called him, and asked him if he would be ready to go when I got home.  He asked if I would be ok going by myself.  I almost lied, but I couldn't.  I told him that I really didn't think I would be ok by myself.

After I hung up, all I could do was sob.  How pathetic is it that I, a grown woman of 38, mother of two, can't be trusted to have money or go to a store alone without buying foods that I know are poisonous to me.  How sad is it that I have to rely on my child (though he is 20 years old) to hide my money and to babysit me at the store.

As I was wallowing in self pity, depression, and who knows what else, I decided to call my husband.  I have trouble reaching out when I'm struggling, but I did it.  As I explained my loser status to him, he corrected me.  He feels that I overcame today, and that my choices were an example of victory.  I didn't lie to my son.  I chose to seek help on a shopping trip that I knew would very likely end with the purchase of junk.

Perhaps asking for help is indicative of strength not weakness.


  1. Thank you for sharing this story. I have had such a hard time admitting that I have a problem and cannot control myself. I know when I was actively using my favorite thing to do was go to the grocery store and say to myself get anything you want. My hubby does all the grocery shopping because I will buy sugar if the choice is left to me. I have started being able run to the store for a few things with a list and I ask my hubby to look at the list and the receipt to make sure I am keeping myself honest. Honest with food in not a natural thing for me. Great post thank you!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment!!! I have asked my hubby to look at my receipt before, and I felt so silly doing's so nice to know that I'm not alone!!!