Saturday, May 5, 2012

my 2nd 5k

I walked in my second 5K this morning!!!!  It was great.  I mentioned previously that my sister and I were walking twice a week together while my nieces were participating in Girls on the Run.  I'd never heard of this organization before.  It is extremely worthwhile.  Joining in with the girls over the past several months as they learn not only about good physical health but good mental and emotional health has been wonderful.

The 5K was held on a college campus and it was beautiful.  It was nice to have a scenic route.  It wasn't too tough; there were several hills but I did ok.  The last hill was a bit rough, but I kept pushing.  After all, most of the girls were running the 5K, so I certainly had no reason to complain about walking!

My time was 52 minutes.  I guess that's not too bad.  My first 5K was 54 minutes, so I improved a bit.  My sister and I plan to continue our routine of walking together twice a week even though Girls on the Run has ended for the season.  We found that it was great to have the time together.

Have you ever walked/ran a 5K?

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  1. I never have done a 5k. I have done 4 short course triathlons and love the energy of the crowds.
    I will be doing one in the future. I have watched friends and family do run events and love to see people at the finish!

    Way to go!