Monday, August 6, 2012

don't know what you've got 'til it's gone

Dear Diary,

Last year when I'd lost 100+ pounds, I didn't fully appreciate the benefits.  I was still overweight, but I felt far more comfortable in my own skin.  I could climb a flight of steps without getting winded.  I could go into any clothing shop that carried plus sizes and purchase something off the rack rather than having to order things online.  I could even wear some things in xl or xxl from certain clothing companies.  I wasn't worried that I wouldn't fit comfortably in a movie theater seat.  I felt somewhat normal.

Now that I've gained back a significant amount of that, I miss those things.  I miss looking into the mirror and being able to find my cheekbones.  I miss looking into the mirror and realizing that I looked pretty good!  Now I'm avoiding mirrors again.  I miss being confidant when I run into an old friend; now I would probably try to avoid them.

I shouldn't let these things lead me into a cycle of despair, depression and more overeating.  These should be motivation to get back on track and make healthy choices physically and emotionally.

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