Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trip update

Our anniversary trip was wonderful!!!  It was such a great time for hubby and I to be alone. I'm thankful that we were able to do this.  We are blessed with great kids - they really took care of everything nicely while we were away.  I think it was a good experience, particularly for my son.  He's 19, and it was good for him to have complete responsibility for a short time.  Not to mention that it makes him appreciate all that we do for him!

I ate healthy, and exercised every day.  We were able to go hiking several times, which was fun but it really gave my legs a workout!!!!

The only thing that I splurged on was pizza.  I got a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut with onions, peppers and black olives.  It was so delicious!!!!!  I also got a small salad full of veggies so that I would have some fiber to fill me up.  I was concerned that all of the simple carbs and fat in the pizza would temporarily fill me up, then after I "crashed" I would be very hungry.  My plan worked!!  It was nice to enjoy something that I wouldn't eat on a regular basis, not feel guilty about it, then move on.  The rest of the trip I ate mostly chicken, veggies, and fruit.

The biggest thing that I'm grateful for is that I didn't feel deprived.  As with most vacation spots, the area that we visited had an overwhelmingly plentiful supply of restaurants, fudge shops, candy shops, ice cream stores......a sugar addicts dream (or nightmare depending on how you look at it!).  My outlook was better than it has been in the past.  I didn't look at it as "I can't have any of these wonderful treats.  How unfair is that?  Everyone else is!"  Instead, I looked at it as a personal choice that I made, because the few minutes of pleasure wasn't worth it.

I love making progress!!!

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