Thursday, September 8, 2011


 I often wonder about the food choices that other people make.  Is that thin person eating a greasy cheeseburger and extra large milk shake naturally thin, or does she typically eat healthy and this happens to be a splurge?  Does that heavy person that appears to eat healthy much of the time a secret binge eater, or do they simply struggle with their weight even though they eat healthy much of the time?

I'm actually embarrassed to admit that I pay what it probably an abnormal amount of attention to others' eating habits.  Ultimately, it really doesn't matter.  So what if that thin person can eat anything they want, anytime they want and remain at a healthy weight?  That doesn't mean that their cholesterol, blood pressure and other things are normal.  So what if that heavy person is a binge eater?  Yes, I can sympathize and relate, but it's none of my business.

I need to focus on my own choices.  I need to own my low fat, low sugar eating plan.  I need to get over the fact that there are some things about myself that I can not change, and make sure that I'm doing the very best to make healthy choices and change the unhealthy patterns that I'm able to.

Do you judge other people by what's on their plate?

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  1. I used to do this in junior high and high school because I always wondered how girls could eat Doritos and drink Coke every day and be so skinny. It's not that I ate a whole lot better as a teen necessarily, but I'd always try to figure out why I was heavier.

    My husband and I went out to eat with a couple 10 years younger than us and they laughed that we shared an entree while they both ate huge amounts of food. And yes, they are both quite skinny. Things like that frustrate me when it shouldn't because honestly, what do I know about their everyday eating habits?