Saturday, October 22, 2011

hiking in the mountains

My husband, my daughter and I went for a hike today.  It was a total of about 2.4 miles.  Almost the entire first part of the hiking trail was downhill, and it led to a beautiful waterfall.  Of course, that meant that almost the entire return trip was uphill.  2.4 miles may not seem like much, and if it were mostly flat or moderate hills it wouldn't be very difficult for me, either.  Due to the second part of the hike being uphill, and some rough terrain, this hike was a bit tough.

When I began this journey in January, I was at a point physically that I would have been unable to complete a hike like I did today.  I had difficulty walking even short distances.  What a difference a healthy lifestyle can make!!!!   When we were done, I felt such a sense of accomplishment!!!  Even my daughter noticed that she was having more trouble on the return trip than I was - and she is young, thin, and healthy.

The feeling that I had after this hike was far better than any food can make me feel.


  1. Food is such a false comfort and friend. Once we know the freedom and peace we get without it we will always know the difference. If there is a food problem in the future we can look back at the better moments and weigh what we want most.


  2. Well this is so good to hear :)