Thursday, July 7, 2011

frustration at those who don't "get it"

The reason that my son has been so helpful to me while on this journey is that he understands.  He can relate, to a degree, to my struggles with food.  He doesn't have an eating disorder, but he does struggle with eating and has been overweight in the past.  Now, he is an inspiration to me.  He is a healthy eater and is devoted to working out.

My husband has always been supportive.  He has never criticized my weight or eating habits.  I've never felt that he loved me more or less at any particular weight I've been.  However, he doesn't understand my struggles with food.  He is an extremely picker eater, and he eats horribly unhealthy.  Food doesn't have the power over him like it can have over me, though.

My son commented tonight that it can be very difficult for him when his dad brings home a fast food burger and fries or pizza.  Especially pizza.  Pizza is hard for my son because back when he was in the typical teenager "bottomless pit" stage he ate A LOT of pizza.  Now he never eats it.

My husband simply doesn't understand this.  His position is basically "why should I not eat the foods I want just because you're not eating it?"  That is very frustrating to me.  On the other hand, though, I think my son needs to realize that he will always be around people eating.  They may be eating healthy foods or non-healthy foods.  It's not like being an alcoholic where you can feasibly avoid being with people who drink.  People have to eat.

Neither my husband or my son is "right".  As with anything, we all need to find balance.

On a side note, I walked after this discussion and had probably the best walk I've ever had because I was frustrated!!  It felt great and I walked at a much faster pace than normal.  There's a silver lining in every cloud.

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