Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend full of food

I'm organizing a breakfast at church tomorrow, and co-hosting a baby shower tomorrow afternoon.  Kind of tough for someone with food issues.    I'm making candy, a cheese ball and some dip for the baby shower.  When making the candy, I decided that chocolate would be far too much torture to deal with, so I'm using vanilla.  (The baby shower has a rubber duck theme, and I'm using a rubber duck candy mold to make candy - so cute!)

I had a little bit of trouble when making the cheese ball last night.  I could probably eat almost the entire thing by myself in one sitting.  But I didn't test it.  I didn't lick the spoon when I was done.  I didn't "lick the bowl".

Tomorrow, I'm planning to eat a healthy breakfast at home and I probably won't eat anything at church.  I might eat some fruit, but that's all.  Since I'm organizing it, I'm sure I'll be busy doing things other than eating.  I'm planning to eat a healthy lunch before the baby shower.  I don't plan to eat much, if anything, there either.  Maybe some fruit and veggies.  The other foods could too easily cause a downhill tumble into unhealthy habits.

I don't know if my plan for handling these situations is "right".  I guess it doesn't matter unless it's right for me.  Am I setting myself up for failure by going to what some would consider extreme measures to avoid eating at these events?

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