Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Successful trip!

I'm happy to say that I stayed on plan during our mini vacation!  I ate oatmeal with cherry flavored craisins  every morning for breakfast.  For lunch, I had soup and fruit one day, a Subway grilled chicken sub (no cheese, no mayo) for lunch one day, and a Firehouse sub for lunch another day.  I actually had never eaten at Firehouse Subs, so I made what I assumed was a healthy choice.  I just read the nutrition info on their web site, and I am a bit surprised.  The calories were higher than I expected.  I don't think I really made a bad choice, though.  For dinner, I had a sub one evening and grilled dijon chicken and portebellos at Applebee's one evening.  (Which was delish and filling!!)

I know to some of you these choices may sound boring, but variety isn't typically important to me.  Staying on plan wasn't too difficult.  There were moments, though, that were hard.  When everyone else was eating ice cream for example.  Also, the resort where we stayed had an in house bakery with sugary treats like donuts, cookies, ice cream, and fudge.  We had to walk by the bakery every time we went to our room, and the smells were intoxicating.

I used the tread mill Monday and Tuesday, and we shopped at a huge mall for about 4 hours today so I did a lot of walking.

This trip, though short, was very different for me.  Typically, trips such as these revolved around food.  After all, it's easy to rationalize overeating and eating junk food while on vacation.  Everyone does that, right?  I noticed that I had far more energy than I normally do on vacations since I ate healthy.

I still felt that the trip revolved around food more than I would like it to.  I still thought about what I was going to eat, what I was not going to eat, what everyone else was eating, etc.  It would be nice if I could think much less about food.

Hopefully these healthy habits will become a part of me, and will become second nature.

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