Saturday, April 23, 2011

anxiety and depression

Along with compulsive overeating, I also struggle with anxiety and depression.  What came first?  The eating disorder or the anxiety and depression?  I'm not sure.  I'm blessed that my struggles are relatively small in comparison to others that I know who deal with the same issues.  I'm able to keep things very well controlled with medication.

Once in a while, anxiety and/or depression rear their ugly heads.  I do find that when I'm having difficulty with one or both, my cravings often increase.  I'm having a bit of anxiety over a few things.  While I know that they are actually not worth being stressed about, I still do.  Then when the anxiety settles a bit, I tend to find myself on the flip side of that - a bit depressed.

Now that I recognize these, I've learned better coping skills than eating.  It can still be difficult though.  I often find that these feelings creep in around holidays.  The combination of spending time with family (not all of my family causes these feelings!) and having to deal with food that I don't normally have to is hard.

I'm a bit down today, so grocery shopping this morning wasn't easy.  I made it down the Easter candy aisle without too much of a struggle.  Then I noticed home made Easter eggs in the bakery section.  Huge, chocolate covered peanut butter goodness.  I made the unwise choice to hover over the table examining these.  Then I turned away and began to change my thought process.  Sure, I could buy one of those eggs.  I could eat it.  Though it looks delicious, it probably wouldn't taste as good as I think it would.  How would I feel after eating it?  The temporary pleasure is not worth it.

Do holidays cause you stress?

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