Friday, April 15, 2011

pizza again?!?!?!

The company provided pizza for lunch today.  Again.  The smell of high fat goodness, again.  Ugh.  My strategy was the same as yesterday.  Avoidance.  As soon as I started smelling the pizza, I left the area and ate my healthy lunch elsewhere.

 I think I will fix a healthy pizza one day next week.  Whole wheat crust, pizza sauce, onions, peppers, black olives and veggie sausage.

Next week, my daughter is on spring break and I am on vacation!  I'm not too concerned about the temptation of "treating" myself to junk food/sugary foods as I have always done in the past during times like these.  I am well aware of the risks, though, and have planned to avoid specific behaviors that might cause temptation.

I might buy my daughter some foods that I wouldn't normally keep in the house as a spring break treat, but I will not buy any "trigger foods".  I don't plan to eat at restaurants this week, however if these plans change I will likely go to Panera since my daughter loves it and I can choose something healthy.  I will continue with my daily walk.  (I've been walking about 20 minutes a day!!) My "treats" will be non-food related.  Shopping for a new outfit, spending time with daughter, reading, walking, etc.

What non-food related treats to you like?

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