Thursday, August 18, 2011

Anatomy of an eating disorder

I've struggled with cravings a bit today.  Not too badly, but I've had them.  After yesterdays binge, I fully expected it.  Why is it that our brain apparently doesn't fully remember that the binge wasn't very fun?  That the after effects aren't worth it?  That the food doesn't really taste that good?  I think if we could remember exactly how we felt after a binge, we would have an easier time resisting the urge in the future.

Whatever food it is them I'm craving, it always tastes better in my mind than it does in reality.  Yes, some of the foods I love are delicious.  But are they as heavenly as we seem to think they are when we're in the midst of an overwhelming desire to get our hands on that item, and in large quantities?

I guess maybe we are wired this way for a reason.  Protection, perhaps?  After all, if we remembered exactly what childbirth felt like would any woman have more than 1 child  :)

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  1. That tends to happen. You think it will taste heavenly and then it's just ok but you have eaten it all. I know.
    Sometimes situations in life are like that, like when they say that the grass is greener on the other side....