Thursday, February 9, 2012

changes to help with sugar addiction and lagging motivation

I recently read a phenomenal book.  If you know or have ever suspected that you may be addicted to sugar, I highly recommend reading "The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program" by Kathleen DesMaisons.   I've known for many years that I have binge eating disorder, but it's only very recently that I've recognized/admitted to myself that I'm addicted to sugar and this is likely what my eating disorder is all about.  Actually, I've probably known this for quite sometime but didn't really put it into words.  After all, addiction is such a strong term!  It's used to describe dependance on far more serious things like alcohol and drugs, right?  On the other hand, it can be used flippantly in conversation when talking about being "addicted" to reality shows, Monolo Blahnik's, and other things.

To read about actual scientific studies that show that some people are particularly sensitive to sugar and their brain chemistry is wired differently validates my thoughts on the matter.  It is somewhat freeing to think that my problems are not my fault, and are not simply reflective of a character defect or lack of willpower.  However, I have to be extremely careful not to use this as an excuse.  Sugar addiction may not be my fault, but I take entire responsibility for the choices I make and what I do about it.

The book give concrete steps to follow to help, and I intend to tweak my current plan to see if that will help.  I've still been eating sugar daily, so detox will be painful.  I'll share more on the changes in the coming weeks.

Two other positive steps I'm taking to get back on track involve a fit challenge at work, and participating in Girls on the Run with my nieces.  The fit challenge at work is set up to provide motivation based on competition in areas such as exercise, fitness, taking more steps in a day, etc.  This begins on Monday, so I'll being wearing a pedometer to track my daily steps and exercising again for my own benefit and so I don't let my team mates down.

Girls on the Run is a program that encourages healthy habits in young girls such as good self esteem and exercise.  My sister and I will be walking/jogging while my nieces run and we will help out the leader as needed.  This is twice a week, so I know that at the very least I'll be walking 2+ miles these two days.

Forward we go!

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  1. When I read about someone who admits they have a sugar problem but then read they are still consuming sugar on a daily basis, it reminds me how vulnerable to the substance I can become if I try to baby step my way back into 'just having a little.'

    I identify with your pain in knowing and still finding it hard not to have it. I offer you my support in your efforts and wish you luck on your walking program, too!