Saturday, February 11, 2012

up 19 pounds???!!!!?????!!!!

I got on the scale this morning.  I heard it groan.  I really hadn't planned on weighing in, because I know that often doing so when I'm in the midst of sugar hell will just depress me further resulting in eating more.  However, I'm beginning a fit challenge at work on Monday, so I need to know what I'm dealing with.  I have gained 19 pounds in less than a month.  Nineteen pounds.  How is that even possible??  ok.  that's a silly question.  I know how it's possible.  There is only one way to gain that much weight in such a short period.  Binge eating.

I'm actually glad I weighed in.  Rather than making me depressed, it gave me a much needed reality check. I need to face what I'm doing to be body by giving in to sugar addiction.

I will stop the progression into the sugary pit from hell.  I have divorced Ben & Jerry.  I have ended my love affair with Oreo and Chips Ahoy.  I'm moving back into sanity with low fat, no refined sugar, healthy foods.  Exercise will move back into my normal routine.  I'm done feeding into this addiction.  Pun intended.  :)


  1. Get that stuff out of the house. Throw the rest of it in the trash. Weighing in has shown where you start. Don't get down, get mad, and get to work. You can start drinking 64 oz. of water today. You have time to exercise yet today. Start the behaviors right away that will get this weight off. Start now not Monday. Take care.

  2. Seriously.. get that crap out of the house. It is how I got started. I cleared it all out.

  3. Downsizers) and if possible, let someone else do any food shopping for the next three days. Stay out of the crack factories until you stablize your sugar levels a bit.

    I would not be surprised if half those pounds come off after three days of sanity. But you have to hold on over the hump and get there. We are with you in spirit!

  4. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. I don't keep junk food in the house. I haven't (with very few exceptions) for over a year. The past few weeks when I've been bingeing on a regular basis, I've made my normal weekly trip to the grocery store that involves purchasing healthy, on plan food. However, I've then been making almost daily trips to the store to buy enough binge foods for that day. All the while telling myself that "this will be the last day I eat sugar." I have then been going to the grocery store within the next two days yet again buying the junk. The healthy food has been just sitting here.

    Jane - I've always admired your tenacity. The lengths that you go to in order to maintain food sanity are admirable. I can't even imagine asking someone else to do food shopping for me. For a variety of reasons....first being control issues, but I guess the main reason is that don't want to ask for help. I feel like everyone else has enough on their to do list without adding my chores to them. Perhaps I'm not taking this seriously enough. Or perhaps I assume that others don't take food addiction as seriously as an alcohol or drug addiction.

  5. Melanie - Well, you know what they say about assume. . . .

    I think most people do not take food as seriously as drinking or drugging. But that is because not everyone drinks or uses. But everyone eats - and because they can stop they assume everyone else can, too.

    Seriously - it does require being willing to go to any lengths, but I've never had to kill anyone so it is a win-win situation.

    Not only did I not want to ask for help - I could not understand that I needed help. I didn't know that asking for and accepting help was the best thing I could do for myself and the people I loved (who also loved me).

    Instead of saying this is the last day you will eat sugar, try saying this is the first day you will put living in front of dying. TODAY is does not matter if you will eat sugar in the future. All that matters today is TODAY. Just get through the next 24 hours, no matter where you were 1 hour ago.