Monday, February 13, 2012

turned the corner

Today has been so much better.  I've turned the corner and am back into a sane, healthy world.   This is what I've done to begin healing from the abuse that I've put my body through over the past few weeks.  Actually, months if I'm honest with myself.

*I vented to my son and my husband this weekend about my sugar addiction.
*I admitted to my husband how much money I've been spending on my addiction.  He already knew, though.  Somehow I thought I was hiding it.
*I began modifying my healthy eating plan to incorporate some of the recommendations in "The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program".  (increased my protein intake at breakfast, added Vitamins C, B complex and Zinc to my daily vitamins)
*No refined sugar today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Today was the first day of the Fit Challenge at work. I wore my pedometer.  I also discussed healthy choices on several occasions with co-workers.  It's nice to be in this together!
*I walked about 40 minutes with my sister.
*A friend at work was very encouraging to me.  She reminded me that I've come too far to give up!
*My husband send a bouquet of beautiful roses to work!! This made my day.  I've never had a flower delivery before, and this was particularly special because he knew that I've had a really rough few weeks and I needed some encouragement.
*I turned over the bank card that I usually use for purchases to my husband.  I have an emergency card in my wallet, but it is for an account that we keep extremely limited funds in.  Since I seldom, if ever, keep cash with me the lack of the bank card will mean that I don't have money to buy junk food.

Will keep you posted on more healthy choices!

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  1. One Day at a time, Melanie,

    I am glad you are coming out from under your self abuse again.