Saturday, February 4, 2012

standard american diet

The standard american diet (SAD) is mentioned quite a bit in literature, blogs etc.  It definitely isn't healthy, and our general lack of knowledge and lack of concern about nutrition is disturbing. I thought of this today while at the grocery store.  While I was in line waiting to purchase my items, I noticed a gentleman ahead of me with two shopping carts full of items.  I overheard him mention to the cashier that he was purchasing the items for a local pre-school.  What was he purchasing?  Loaf after loaf of white bread.  Cookies.  Instant mashed potatoes.  I didn't examine the entire contents of his two shopping carts, but I didn't see a single healthy item.

Why is this the norm?  Why wasn't he purchasing whole wheat bread and fruit?  Is the assumption that kids won't eat whole wheat bread or fruit?  

We all need to take full responsibility for our choices, but it can be so difficult to make healthy choices when surrounded by foods that are full of fat, sugar, and salt.  Let's face it.....for most of us these types of foods are very appealing.  Even if we know that we will regret eating these after the fact, the immediate gratification is so tempting.  

As I mentioned before, I  live in an area that has one of the largest populations of obese people in the country.  Are other areas like this?  Do some of you live in areas where most people eat healthy and exercise?  

On another note, I have continued to eat crap this week.  I've made horrible choices.  I've made regular stops at the grocery store for cookies, ice cream and other junk food.  I'm once again bingeing in secret and hiding the evidence.  This is a dangerous trend that is quickly becoming a habit.  I'm having difficulty finding the motivation and desire to get back on a healthy track.  I can't seem to look past the immediate gratification of eating sugar and see the long list of negative ramifications.  I haven't thrown in the towel yet, though.  I can do this.  


  1. I was brought up until about 6 or 7 years old in quite a healthy way.
    Soups, fruits and home cooked meals.
    Then we moved and my eating habits changed - i wish i had been "taught" to eat better. More veggies, more fruits... i am usually a junkie and have my junkie weeks and then I'll go on a healthy spree. It's very hard to control because they way i see it the "good" stuff is the bad....
    You are probably on your junkie week... so it's time to make this the healthy one. Remember YOU CHOOSE ! YOU CONTROL !

  2. Melanie, thank you for your post on my blog about school lunches that brought me here to your blog. I love how the internet is one big circle!

    Don't throw in the towel. This is all a big learning experience. I mean, it took us YEARS to develop our habits and it will take...yes...months and years to let them go. Keep fighting the good fight. You are worth it.