Saturday, February 25, 2012

sugar-free sanity

Today marks one week and one day since I've had sugar, and I feel so much better!!!  Healthy eating and exercise are now back in my routine.  I've continued with the habits that I mentioned adding to my daily routine based on the Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program.

I feel sane (at least when it comes to food!) and at peace.  The cravings have diminished tremendously. The guilt, shame, mood swings and depression have lifted.

Now.  The million dollar question.  How do I stay here?  It would be completely logical to stay in this place. I feel better, my moods are stable, I'm eating enough protein and fiber that I'm not constantly hungry......I can't even begin to describe the difference in my state of mind when I'm not binge eating.

Addiction isn't logical, though.  When addiction tries to rear its' ugly head, it reminds you of how good certain foods taste.  How enjoyable it is to curl up with a good book or an I Love Lucy marathon and eat junk.  

Through a combination of nutrition, exercise, prayer, asking for help when needed, and other healthy resources/habits, I can and will overcome this.  Sugar-free sanity is a great home, not simply a temporary vacation spot.


  1. I think most recovery programs recommend taking one day at a time. Get through today. Go to the library and get OA materials or if you have a Kindle, download some Overeaters Anonymous information. Find an OA group and attend. You can google this. In OA you find a sponsor and commit to that person to get and give support. You can find a local group online. Use all the sources of support you can find. Take care of yourself.

  2. I agree with downsizers. Once you work with other people who have been off sugar for months, years and decades you will find your answer.

  3. Hi Melanie! I just found your blog as I'm starting my FINAL weight-loss journey. I've been trying to give up refined sugar as a "Lent" thing, but I've definitely had a few set-backs (as I sit here eating my Luna protein bar, whose second ingredient is Organic Cane Syrup). I think I'm going to have to look into that program...