Tuesday, February 21, 2012

ice cream

I think I've mentioned before that my daughter loves ice cream.  One of her favorite gifts to receive is a gift card to Cold Stone Creamery.  She received several of these for her birthday and for Christmas, so I take her there every few weeks or so.

Yesterday, I promised I would take her there after her orthodontist appointment this afternoon.  I wasn't really worried about taking her there; she knows that I haven't been eating sugar so I knew that I wouldn't be tempted to purchase ice cream for myself.

I've actually never purchased anything there.  Cold Stone is relatively new to our area, and I feel that there prices are rather high.  Before I began this journey I didn't go there because they were expensive.  Now I don't buy anything because I don't eat sugar.

That doesn't mean that it isn't difficult going in there, though.  Just because I haven't eaten there before doesn't mean that I can't imagine what everything tastes like.  This visit was made harder by the fact that in recent weeks when I was binge eating, ice cream became a regular purchase.

I could have waited in the car, but my daughter likes me to go in with her.  (She's not particularly shy, but for some reason when ordering at restaurants, etc. she tends to prefer that I do it for her. )  I almost immediately began the pity party.  You know the drill...."this isn't fair"  "why can't I be normal"  "why can't I eat ice cream"  "why do I have to deprive myself".

I tried to quickly switch my thought process to a healthier direction.  I'm not depriving myself....I'm treating my body with respect.  Maybe it's not fair....but I have plenty of blessings in my life to be upset about not eating sugar.  It's hard though.

How do you change your thought process when you feel deprived?


  1. I keep sharing it with people who are also unable to eat just one and are now treating their bodies with respect.

    For a long time I would go there and get the sugar free/milk fat free 'cream' flavored ice cream. I stopped that when I started ordering larger portions - besides, it gives me gas.

  2. I used to go to Cold Stone regularly. I switched my tastes to frozen yogurt eventually. Which wouldn't work for you because most of it has some sugar in it.

    The way I usually change my thinking is to force myself to look at the nutritionals for a food that is tempting. Most of the time that stops me dead in my tracks. What I used to get regularly at Cold Stone has 1300 calories! No thank you.