Friday, February 25, 2011

27 pounds lost, but the scale is still evil

I hate scales.  For my entire adult life, there has been only one year that I was actually happy with the number on the scale.  This was the year following a two year weight loss effort that resulted in a huge weight loss.  I managed to keep it all off for about a year, then gained it all back.

Why do we allow the number on the scale to determine how our day will be?  Or determine our self worth?  Since I have such a horrible relationship with the scales, I decided this time that I would only weight myself about once a month.  I planned to weight myself on Monday, but I weighed myself about a week ago.  Then I weighed myself today, deciding that this will be my "official weigh-in of the month.

I've lost 27 pounds since January 8!!!!!!!!!!  How awesome is that!!  It is more than I expected, but even more importantly I'm eating healthy.  I don't feel hungry.

Now you're thinking - why does she hate the scale?  Because I only lost 1 pound this week.  Wow.  I definitely need to keep this in perspective.  How unhealthy is that kind of thinking?!  I've lost 27 pounds, I'm eating healthy, but my initial reaction is to be upset and disappointed because during one particular week of this journey I only lost 1 pound.

1 pound lost is 1 more step towards my goal.  1 pound lost is much better than a weight gain.  1 pound lost is better than 1/2 pound, 1/4 pound or staying the same.

Taking all of that into consideration is good, but I need to learn to look at the overall picture.  This is a lifelong journey that need not be measured in one week.

I've lost 27 pounds and I'm on my way to a permanently healthy me!

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