Monday, November 14, 2011

Candy Land

Yes, folks, it's true.  Candy Land is more than just a children's board game.  It is in every retail store!

I stopped by the drugstore today to get some makeup for my daughter's stocking.  (For you bargain shoppers out there....I got a great deal!  1 Cover girl 4 color eye shadow and 1 Cover girl 3 color eye shadow for a combined total of $2.78!!!!!)  I was shocked to see a large shelf in the makeup aisle full of candy!!!!!!!!  What. In. The. World.  I can only think that they ran out of space in the aisle where the rest of the Christmas candy was, so they put it there.  Of course, after my initial shock my eyes were immediately drawn to the 1 pound pack of Reese Cups.  Have you seen this monstrosity?  I have no doubt that there was a time that I could have eaten the entire pound in one sitting.  In fact, I probably could still do that.  But I won't.

As I wandered down the rest of the make up aisle, guess what?  More candy.  For some reason, there was a shopping cart full of reduced Halloween candy sitting in the middle of the aisle.  Is someone conspiring against me?  It's crazy to think that an innocent shopping trip for eye shadow results in face to  face temptation.

The Reese cups, and all of the rest of the candy, remained at the drugstore.  Someone else can buy that junk.  I will stick with make up!

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  1. Young girls-makeup-candy - It all makes sense in the world of retail marketing. Sad, but it makes sense.

    It also makes me angry. Can you imagine if they legalized any narcotics? Can you imagine how marijuana would be in the various aisles for the kids.