Saturday, November 19, 2011

miracle of consistent size

As an adult, I don't think I've stayed the same size for more than a year or two at a time.  My weight has gone up and down (more often up) so frequently, that I never know from one season to the next what items in my closet will fit.  Since my weight has fluctuated so fast and by large amounts,  I haven't typically purchased clothing with the thought that it would be a staple in my wardrobe or something that I could wear for many years to come.  I haven't bothered with many of the "must have" pieces because I never could justify the expense of an investment item such as a basic navy blazer or a really nice cashmere sweater.  Yes, I've had some classic pieces such as black slacks, a white button down, etc. that can be purchased at reasonable prices and I would just purchase a different size as needed.

I look forward to wearing the same size from one season to the next.   It may seem like a silly thing, but I'm sure others of you understand this.  It will be fun to build a wardrobe with a sense of permanence rather than basing my purchase on what will work for this season only.

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  1. It is a great feeling to wear clothing I have owned for 3-4 years and know it fits. Each year I buy a couple of high quality classic pieces that can be in style forever so I can build a wardrobe that will take me into the next five years. Enjoy the process.