Friday, March 4, 2011

how do you handle events?

This weekend, we're having a breakfast at church Sunday morning and I've been invited to a tea party Sunday afternoon.  I know that there will be little or no healthy food served at these functions.  Therefore, I have decided that I will not go to either.

I have some mixed emotions about my decision.  Since this healthy eating plan is still in its' infancy, I did have a binge this week, and there will likely be plenty of "trigger" foods at these events I feel that avoiding them is a smart move.  Another part of me feels that avoiding them altogether is pathetic.  Why can't I enjoy small treats and move on?  Why can't I have a few treats without craving sugar and fat for days after?  It's embarrassing to explain to someone why I'm not attending these functions.  Why can't I be self assured enough to say without hesitancy or embarrassment that I'm eating healthy and avoiding temptation?

Is this how an alcoholic feels when she is invited to a party where alcohol will be served?  Does she miss the party because of the temptation that will be present?  Why do I feel that this would be a less embarrassing explanation for missing a party then "I'm trying to eat healthy"?  Is it that alcoholism is socially acceptable but binge eating disorder is not because it is so disgusting?

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