Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Party all the time

We had a party at work today - AGAIN - two of my co-workers are transferring to a different location at the end of the month.  This party was harder than some of the others, because it was basically an all day food fest rather than us having lunch at a specific time.

I planned ahead.  My contribution to the party was paper products.  I knew in advance that most of the foods weren't going to be healthy, so I decided that I wouldn't eat anything.  I ate oatmeal and raisins for breakfast, which is always very filling.  For lunch, I had Amy's tofu lasagna  http://www.amyskitchen.com/products/product-detail/details/000033 and some grapes.  This was also very filing and satisfying.

There were some tempting foods there, but I wasn't really hungry so that helped.  The emotional aspect of the day was the tough part.  When you're in a department of about 12 people, and everyone else is spending the day eating cupcakes, cake, taco dip, enchiladas and yummy stuff like that it's easy to fall into the "pity party" trap.

I find consolation in the fact that by mid-afternoon everyone else was stuffed and feeling awful and I wasn't.  I need to be proud of my choices and see this as a way of taking good care of myself rather than feeling deprived.  It's hard though.

Overall, the day went well.  I wasn't overwhelmed by the desire to eat all of the unhealthy food present.  Oh - I almost forgot.  Another way that I planned in advance is that I told my son that the party was today so that I would have accountability.


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