Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Deep Fried Kool-Aid????

I heard on the news this morning that the latest food craze is deep fried Kool-Aid.  Does anyone else find this crazy??!!!!  Why would you even think of this?  I live in the South, and we deep fry everything.  Of course there are the standard foods like chicken and french fries.  Then there are other things that probably are only deep fried in southern states like pickles and Oreos.  But Kool-Aid.  Then we wonder why so many Americans struggle with obesity.

On another note.....

I got a really nice compliment today from someone at work.  "Is it just me, or are you just a mere shadow of the person that you used to be?"  I was in a hurry, and it caught me off guard so all I said was something to the effect of yes, I've lost some weight.  I felt like I'd sort of brushed her off, so I sent her an email later and thanked her for the compliment.

When she responded, I got some insight into her struggles.  She lost 80 pounds about 15 years ago.  She indicated that she basically starved herself and exercised excessively for about 6 months, and then she thought she was done.  Oh, no.  She found that maintaining was the hard work.  It took her 10 to 12 years to "unlearn" all of her previous bad habits.  She said that she still craves junk food.  It's hard work, but not impossible.

It was nice to get some encouragement from this person's experience.  Some would say the fact that it took her so long to learn to eat healthy and that she still craves junk food discouraging.  I feel that it is inspiring that someone can maintain a large weight loss despite struggles.

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