Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day One

Today went well!  I ate the following:

Breakfast: two packets of Quaker cinnamon instant oatmeal (weight control version) with raisins added and one veggie sausage patty

Lunch: Boca grilled veggie burger on whole grain bun, green salad with fat free italian, grapes.

Dinner: Progresso lentil soap, apple

These choices allowed me to stay full and satisfied.  I really didn't crave sugar and junk food today.  Since this is my first day "off" sugar, I'm very surprised.   I had a little bit of trouble when my husband and daughter were eating peanut butter crackers this evening, but since I'm eating low fat and I know that peanut butter can be difficult for me, I didn't eat any.

My son left a sweet note for me this morning, encouraging me on my new path to eating healthier.  That meant so much to me!

Day two may be a challenge because I don't have to work.  I'll have more free time than I typically do on Mondays, which can spell disaster.  I resolve to fill any free time with constructive things, not food.

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