Tuesday, January 11, 2011


What does healthy mean to you?  How does it look?  How does it taste?  How does it feel?  My quest to be healthy involves body, mind and spirit.  Eating healthy, exercise, being free of obsessive thoughts about food, being close to God.  That is what I'm striving for.

Today was a good day.  I had oatmeal and raisins for breakfast, soup and grapes for lunch, chili, a green salad, and an apple for dinner.  All of this kept me full.  I really didn't crave sugar.  It was very helpful to get a text from my son right before I left work.  He asked how my diet was going today.  I was happy to tell him that it was going well, and that I would NOT be stopping on the way home from work to buy junk food!!

Notice a trend with the food that I'm eating?  I tend to eat similar foods every day, especially when I'm eating healthy.  Some find this boring.  For some reason, it makes eating healthy foods easier for me if I don't have a large variety of choices.  I've found that too many choices can cause trouble.

What about you?

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