Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Have you ever really thought about the disparity between the healthy choices in your local grocery store and the unhealthy ones?  Yes, there is typically a produce section full of fresh fruits and veggies.  Most stores offer whole grain breads, pastas, crackers and "light" options.  There may even be organic foods available.

Regardless of these choices, to the compulsive overeater/sugar addict/food addict the seemingly harmless trip to the grocery store  can be like sending an alcoholic to the ABC store.  One aisle is dedicated to ice cream.  One aisle for chips.  Another for candy.  Not to mention the bakery and "seasonal" aisle.

This morning, I had my oatmeal and raisins BEFORE going to do my weekly grocery shopping.  That made a huge difference.  The cookies, ice cream, candy and cakes didn't call my name.  I noticed them, but it was fairly easy to leave them on the shelf.  

Have you found ways to make grocery shopping easier and less tempting?  Do you ask a family member to do your shopping for you to avoid situation?

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