Friday, January 28, 2011

Motivation vs. Commitment

I just read a fabulous post on another blog ( about commitment.  It really made me ponder  the difference between motivation and commitment.  Motivation can require external cues, but it is most effective if it comes from within.  However, I find it extremely easy to lose motivation.  My motivations for losing weight include looking better, feeling better, avoiding future health problems, and not being a burden to my family when I develop obesity related health issues.  These are all very valid.   Somehow, those tend to be lost when I felt that desire to binge.

Commitment, on the other hand, means that I have made a pledge or promise to myself.  Yes, promises can be broken.  Somehow, though, being committed to a lifelong goal of eating healthy translates into doing so whether I want to or not.

The psychological aspects of conquering a pattern of disordered eating are so much more complicated than simply eating healthy, aren't they?

I've done fairly well this week.  I ate a few things today that weren't really within my eating plan, but it didn't turn into a binge fest or even really overeating.  I plan to weigh myself tomorrow or Sunday, since Sunday will be three weeks since I began my new vegan eating plan.

I'm excited to see what the scales will say!

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