Thursday, January 12, 2012

accountability partner

I was thinking yesterday that it would be nice to have an accountability partner.  My son helps me with this a bit, though I feel guilty about that.  Even if he is almost 20 years old, he is still my child.  I don't want him to feel in any way responsible for my decisions.  This blog also holds me accountable.  However, another person (or maybe more) would be nice.

I think God has sent me one!  I got a sweet email today from a lady at work.  I only know her by sight, and I knew her first name but that's about it.  She explained that she has been admiring my weight loss, and she needs to lose weight, and she wanted to know how I was doing it.  Over the course of several emails, we exchanged numbers and personal email addresses and agreed to be an encouragement to one another and to hold one another accountable.

This was nice, because I doubt that I would have ever reached out to someone like this.  I am such a private person.  That's why my blog is basically anonymous.  I have a really difficult time sharing things with people.  I feel that I need to learn how to do that more.  In doing so, I would help myself, have more accountability, and perhaps helps others.


  1. Where is hubby in all this?
    I would love someone local doing this with me but only have my son (he is 12) so understand what you are talking about.. Hope this other person works out..

  2. I have an exercise buddy and that also works well. There have been many mornings I would have skipped my step aerobics class if I hadn't known she was waiting on me to pick her up. Use all the resources available to you and PEOPLE are some of the best ones I have found. I would be careful to lay some ground rules because people can make each other feel OK about not doing what they are supposed to do. It can become a "misery loves company" kind of a thing. Don't worry about opening up more - when you are ready you will.

  3. Bzybee - hubby is very supportive, but I've found that he doesn't work well as an accountability partner. In many ways, he's too easy on me. In other ways, I get very frustrated with him because he completely doesn't understand my struggles. Food is pretty much just nourishment to him, as it should be. He doesn't have emotional issues, overeating issues, or any other issues I have with food.

    Downsizers - Thanks for your input, and the warning about the "misery loves company" aspect. I hadn't thought of that - I definitely don't want to become and enabler, and I don't want to be enabled either. There is a fine balance between compassion/understanding and tough love when needed.

  4. Congrats on finding a partner, it is already helpful for me too. We can do this!

  5. Sounds like a plan worth exploring. I have a mentor and ladies-weighting that I can confide in. It has worked for me because we do not enable each other or allow each other to bulls--t. I know I that support and giving that support helps me just as much.


  6. This is a wonderful thing Melanie !
    Did you notice that YOU ARE INSPIRING SOMEONE ELSE ?