Thursday, January 5, 2012

sham artist

Yesterday at work, three different people at three separate times commented on my weight loss.  "You're doing such a great job!!"  "You look wonderful!".  I felt like a sham artist or something. I don't feel as if  I should be admired, especially after the choices I made throughout December.  Not to mention that there was a time that I lost more weight than I currently have.  It took about two years to lose the weight.  I kept it off for about a year, then it took less than a year to gain all of it back.  I don't feel like very much of a success story.

I don't believe in coincidences.  I feel like God knew that in the midst of this struggle, I needed some encouragement and he sent three "angels" my way.  I need to learn to handle compliments better, and to be proud of what I have accomplished rather than concentrating on the struggles.

Today has been much, much better.  It's as if that switch that I mentioned before has been flipped.  Now, I will work on figuring out how to keep that switch permanently in the right direction.

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