Wednesday, January 18, 2012

victory over temptation

We had a party at work today.  It was Mexican themed and there were lots of yummy, cheesy, fat filled foods.  I didn't eat anything; I brought my own healthy lunch.  It was hard, though.  The smell of cheesy dips and other delightful things made for a difficult day.

I was proactive.  I sent a text to my son, and an email to my accountability partner.  It also helped that several people commented on my weight loss today.  I think more people are noticing because January is weight loss resolution month.

After leaving work, I did not stop at the grocery store to buy binge food.  That can be a temptation for me after resisting temptation somewhere public.  I overcame the urge, though.

I feel good about today, and proud of my choices!


  1. You should be proud. Mexican food will be there when you get to goal and can handle things a little better. Food is everywhere and always will be. You were in charge - now you know you can do it if you have your priorities set and know what you have to do to get the weight off. Well done.

  2. You are awesome! You lost 127 pounds! Great accomplishment:)

  3. Amazing -
    I have to be totally honest here, I would have never been able to stay away
    Now THIS IS what I call CONTROL: go Melanie !