Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tea party

Every year my mom's church has a tea party for the ladies sometime in January or February.  It is a wonderfully fun event.  Of course, the event revolves around food.  Particularly sugar filled foods such as cookies, cakes and a chocolate fountain.

I enjoy attending this event with my mom, daughter, my sister and my nieces.  It's great girl time!  Last year, I was at the beginning of my journey so I took my daughter but didn't stay.  I knew I couldn't handle it, and it didn't really bother me to miss it.

If the last few weeks hadn't been so difficult, I might have considered going this year.  Not for the food, but for the bonding time.  I could drink some tea (no sugar, of course) and maybe find something healthy like fruit to snack on.  Now, I'm not so sure what to do.  It's January 8.  Any recommendations?


  1. If I am in a fit condition emotionally, physically and spiritually, I can live in the Hershey factory. When I am not in that condition I am not safe in my own fridge.

    If you think it could be a problem this year skip it.

    If you know it could be a problem - skip it.

    If you find yourself healthy and well in your mind that day You might bring your own food and drink the tea. Or wait until 2013.


  2. As always, good advice Jane. Thanks!!