Sunday, December 11, 2011

keeping focus when overwhelmed

It's so easy to be overwhelmed this time of year.  There is so much to do!  Christmas shopping, Christmas cards, my daughter's birthday and my husband's birthday are both in December, I'm hosting a large gathering on Christmas Eve, taxes are due, bills are piling up, my son is struggling with some college decisions, spring tuition is due in December, my workload at my job is increasing this month......the list is endless.

How do we stay focused on continuing to eat healthy and exercising when there are so many thing vying for our attention?  I think it's even more important at times like this to eat healthy and exercise to maintain sanity!!  Even though we know this, it's so easy to let all of our other responsibilities get in the way.  Before we know it, exercise is non-existant and we're reaching for fast food because we're too busy to prepare something ourselves.

I'm committed to making healthy choices this month.  What choices am I making to help keep this commitment?

*I normally make an insane amount of sweet desserts during the holidays.  This year, I'll make 2 at most.  These will be desserts that I don't really like, so they won't tempt me.
*I'm planning all of the things that I possibly can in advance, so that I make room for exercise.  I'm a routine oriented person, so I will use that to my advantage.
*I've been open with some family members about my choice to avoid cooking sweet things this year.  This is hard for me; I don't like sharing.  I'm doing so anyway for my sanity.

What conscious choices are you making to come out of this holiday season weighing less or the same as you did going in, rather than being at least several pounds heavier?


  1. Melanie I am still trying to get over the 10 pounds of corn bread i had for Thanksgiving.
    I have no plan. But I do need one. I need to exercise at least once a week - i lack discipline.

  2. Lorena - you don't give yourself enough credit! Anyone who can plan such beautiful outfits like you do, and maintain such a great blog certainly doesn't lack discipline! I know you can do whatever you make up your mind to do.

  3. We will always have reasons, excuses and opportunities to cheat, overeat, binge or just generally do the opposite of anything good. I think when I blame it on this time of year or this activity I am trying to make myself into being a victim when I am really volunteering to mess things up rather than put on my big girl undies and be responsible.

    I think it is awesome you are sharing with your family and with your blog. We do not stay well in secret.

    jane at

  4. And that, Jane, is the cold hard truth. As always, thanks so much for your insight! I really appreciate it.

  5. Melanie, If I do not share it, I cannot keep it.