Thursday, December 22, 2011

sane eating, day 2

Things went really well today, too!  The day started with several Christmas gifts that included chocolate.  I put them out of sight, and brought them to my daughter.  Actually, just now I'm remembering Jane's post about being a "sugar pusher" (  Am I being a sugar pusher by bringing home these treats to my daughter?  She fortunately has normal eating patterns and doesn't have issues with food like I do.  She does love sweets, though.  However, I feel that she has a good grasp on moderation and "sometimes" foods vs. "always food" as I used to call them when the kids were little.  (Amazing how you can teach someone else good eating habits/behaviors but struggle so much yourself).  Anyway, I digress.

Next, there was the pizza party lunch.  My boss was organizing this, and he knows that I've been eating healthy.  He was so kind - he made a special trip to a different restaurant to buy me a grilled chicken salad!!!  It bothered me that he did this, because the other food was delivered.  (The restaurant that was chosen had no healthy options).  I don't like always being the one who needs something special.  No one else seems to care, but it bothers me.  I suppose he wouldn't offer it was an imposition, though.

I started doing a little bit of cooking tonight for the Christmas Eve party.  No taste testing for me, though!   One bit always leads to 2, then 3, then who knows what else will end up following.

How is everyone else handling the holiday season?

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  1. When I give sugar to people who have no problem saying and meaning no, I am not a sugar pusher. When I give sugar to people who have expressed a desire to lose weight, I am pushing because I should know better than anyone how hard it is to refuse my favorite treats when they are pushed in my face. Each case is different.