Thursday, December 1, 2011

shift in thought process

I'm allergic to beef.  I's a weird allergy.  I've never been a big fan of meat anyway, so about 2 years ago when this allergy was diagnosed I wasn't too upset.  However, occasionally a big juicy steak sounds appealing.  Not to mention that sometimes a completely unhealthy double cheeseburger or Big Mac from McDonald's is so very tempting.

Since I'm allergic to beef, I wouldn't even begin to contemplate eating it.  No matter how good it looks or smells.....I wouldn't dream of taking a chance at a potentially life threatening reaction.  I was thinking about this.  Could I possibly think of sugar in this way so that I would avoid it?  Of course not.  Sugar isn't life threatening.....or is it?  What happens to my body immediately after eating refined sugar?  Sure, some of the effects may be pleasant.  It does give me that temporary high.  Then there's the crash.  None of these immediate effects are as bad as a potential anaphylactic allergic reaction.

What about the long term effects of eating a lot of sugar? The list is endless.  Perhaps I could shift my way of thinking and avoid sugar just like I avoid beef.  Something to think about.


  1. I think of sugar as a toxic relationship that I need to avoid. I wish I could get to thinking of it as a life or death allergy trigger - but my diseased mind always reminds me of the "fun" I had with it in the past.

    Some fun.

    I need to remember the pain it caused. (causes) if I have it today.


  2. HI Melanie
    I had never, ever heard of anyone being allergic to beef-
    I guess your mind is a powerful being so yes, I think you could try and trick it on sugar not being a "good choice". The funny thing is we know certain things are not good for us but we indulge anyways - and its not always food.