Wednesday, December 21, 2011

welcome back, sane eating

Today has been much better!!  The day started with a healthy breakfast.   I needed to go to the gas station before work, and I went to a small, local convenience store near home rather than one of the larger ones like Sheetz.  Therefore, I wasn't tempted to go inside to pay where I would be surrounded by junk food.

Next, one of the girls at work brought in chocolate for everyone except myself and one of the other girls.  She brought us a (semi) healthy trail mix instead because she knows that we are both eating healthy.  How thoughtful!!

Lunch was a holiday meal sponsored by the company I work for.  I chose turkey, steamed broccoli and corn.  I did not eat the mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, rolls or dessert.  The food wasn't that great, but I was able to eat with three of my friends and we had a great time!

After work, I went to the grocery store to buy some of the things I need for our Christmas Eve party.  I'm grateful that I wasn't even tempted to buy things that I shouldn't.  While shopping, I noticed a very large woman using one of the motorized carts to shop.  It made me so very sad.  I realize that I could easily be just like her.  Of course, I know nothing about her.  It's possible that she is also loosing weight and was once larger than she is currently.  I do not judge, I sympathize.

Dinner was healthy, and I'm planning to workout soon.  It's nice to get my groove back!


  1. What a nice, kind person at work to have been so thoughtful. She deserves a kiss!

    Congrats on a better day. Hugs!

    Jane at

  2. That is great news!! Just never go shopping hungry.

  3. Indeed.. how very thoughtful of her :)
    I AM GLAD TO hear that you are back in control.