Friday, December 23, 2011

motivation vs. commitment

I've been thinking about motivation lately.  I read a great blog post this morning ( about different types of motivation.  This reminded me of a post that I read a while back about the difference between motivation and commitment  (

Motivation tends to ebb and flow.  Some days, I'm extremely motivated to make healthy choices.  Other days....not so much.  Weight loss/maintenance statistics seem to prove that most people have trouble with consistent motivation.

Commitment is a bit different.  You can be committed to something, and stick with it despite lack of motivation.  For example, my nightly routine involves taking vitamins, washing my face, brushing my teeth, then going to bed.  Many nights I am tired and would rather go straight to bed.  Sometimes the thought of going to bed with a dirty face and dirty teeth are enough to cause me to stick to my routine.  Other nights, I'm tired and would much rather skip it.  However, 99% of the time I will follow my routine because I am committed to it.

Are you committed or simply temporarily motivated to reach your goals?

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  1. I am committed and some days I should BE committed but so far I have evaded the men with the butterfly nets.